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Upcoming Seminar

6/30/2015 Taiwan products customs declaration and commodity inspection smoothly in Mainland China (NEW) NT$4,500
6/25/2015 Marketing and management(NEW) NT$4,500
6/23/2015 Procurement performance analysis and strategy management (NEW) NT$4,500
6/18/2015 Triangle trade operation and risk aversion(NEW) NT$4,500
6/17/2015 TED Presentation skill in Chinese(NEW) NT$4,500
6/16/2015 Profit Planning starting - understand cost accounting and product costing(NEW) NT$4,500
6/12/2015 Problem analysis and solving (Advanced Course)(NEW) NT$4,500
6/11/2015 Human resources management regulations formulate skills and operation(NEW) NT$4,500
6/10/2015 Inventory management and cost control analysis(NEW) NT$4,500
6/9/2015 Effective telephone skills of debt collection(NEW) NT$2,500
6/9/2015 Accounts receivable management,debt collection practical skills and credit risk management(NEW) NT$2,500
6/4/2015 The non-accountants quickly interpret financial statements(NEW) NT$4,500
6/2/2015 The necessary legal knowledge and responsibility for accountants(NEW) NT$4,500
5/28/2015 Non-Letter of Credit analysis and risk management transactions(NEW) NT$4,500
5/27/2015 Project management skills for supervisors(NEW) NT$5,000
5/21/2015 How to build and promote the system of internal lecturers in enterprise(NEW) NT$4,500
5/20/2015 Integrated marketing communication and digital marketing(NEW) NT$5,000
5/19/2015 Purchasing Quality Assurance and Supplier Quality Management(NEW) NT$4,500
5/15/2015 manage data to assist supervisors make decision and operation(NEW) NT$4,500
5/14/2015 Enterprise Credit Management Certification Basic Course(NEW) NT$5,000
5/13/2015 Financial three tables kinetic energy relationships and analysis(NEW) NT$4,500
5/12/2015 Enterprises commonly legal attest letter skills and examples (NEW) NT$4,500
5/8/2015 Recruitment interviewing skills(NEW) NT$4,500
5/7/2015 Taiwanese businessmen how to efficiently perform "Customs - Tax - Logistics" risk management and control?(NEW) NT$4,500
5/6/2015 Innovation Management and Innovation Services(NEW) NT$4,500
5/5/2015 Foreign exchange trading Workshops(NEW) NT$4,500
4/30/2015 Contract writing and reviewing - contracts analyzed from the point of risk allocation(NEW) NT$4,000
4/29/2015 Customer credit and accounts receivable management and control (NEW) NT$4,500
4/28/2015 Performance-oriented salary structure design and management(NEW) NT$4,500
4/24/2015 KPI performance strategy management(NEW) NT$4,500
4/23/2015 Insured institutions, insurance objects saving second-generation health insurance and labor insurance(NEW) NT$4,500
4/22/2015 Using the brand and network resources - Marketing Without Borders(NEW) NT$4,500
4/21/2015 Procurement contracts writing and management(NEW) NT$4,500
4/16/2015 Enterprise risk management and prevention(NEW) NT$5,000
4/15/2015 The management and laws for foreign workers of manufacturing industry (NEW) NT$4,500
4/10/2015 Commercial Contract Drafting Skill in a Nutshell(NEW) NT$4,000
4/9/2015 Offshore company and OBU practical operation (NEW) NT$4,500
4/8/2015 Breakthrough internal control weak point and how to create value of internal auditing (NEW) NT$4,500
4/7/2015 Business contract dispute handling skills and case analysis(NEW) NT$4,500
3/25/2015 Using Excel for accounting management and financial statements planning(NEW) NT$5,000
3/24/2015 Enterprise accounts collection methods, strategies, techniques and legal practice(NEW) NT$4,500
3/20/2015 International trade financial planning and trade financing(NEW) NT$4,500
3/19/2015 Business Presentation skill in English(NEW) NT$5,000
3/18/2015 Collect market information and make strategic directions(NEW) NT$5,000
3/12/2015 Problem analysis and solving (Basic course)(NEW) NT$4,500
3/11/2015 Operating profit key points: "Increase revenue" vs. "Reduce spending"(NEW) NT$4,500
3/10/2015 International financial commodity subject(NEW) NT$4,500
3/5/2015 The English of International Exhibition(NEW) NT$4,500
3/3/2015 Manpower Planning and inventory(NEW) NT$4,500
2/12/2015 human resources maintaining talented people (NEW) NT$4,500
2/11/2015 Working hours, flexible working hours and overtime dispute prevention and handling(NEW) NT$4,500
2/10/2015 Prevent inventory backlog and implement stocktaking practical skills (NEW) NT$4,500
2/6/2015 Super Sales Management (NEW) NT$4,500
2/5/2015 Import and export trade documentation and verifying (NEW) NT$4,500
2/4/2015 Taiwan businessmen common problems and handling of operational management in China (NEW) NT$4,500
2/3/2015 The parent company, how to monitor overseas branches(NEW) NT$4,500
12/18/2014 The overall financial Planning, Funding and Banking of the enterprises NT$4,500
12/17/2014 Taiwanese businessmen contract signing, credit control and debt legal right. NT$4,500
12/16/2014 Marketing knowledge - market development and promotion skills NT$4,500
12/12/2014 Enterprise Credit Management Certification Advanced Classes NT$5,000
12/11/2014 The KPI index- human resources and performance management systems NT$4,500
12/9/2014 Breakthrough the blind spot of the international trade operation? NT$5,000
12/5/2014 The law of Patent right and practice NT$2,500
12/4/2014 Win-win business negotiation NT$4,500
11/27/2014 Special ( triangle trade ) trade practices and risk aversion NT$4,500
11/26/2014 Consultative selling techniques NT$5,000
11/20/2014 Fixed asset management NT$4,500
11/14/2014 Effective education and training planning for enterprises. Free
11/13/2014 The recruiting interview skills with the competency performance ?oriented. NT$4,500
11/11/2014 The commonly seen China labor law cases explanations for Taiwanese businessmen NT$4,500
11/6/2014 Operating capital management and financing NT$4,500
11/5/2014 The enterprise intellectual property protection NT$2,500
11/4/2014 Three finance and accounting tips for Small and medium enterprises NT$4,500
10/30/2014 New product released marketing strategy and skills NT$5,000
10/29/2014 How to keep on reducing costs effectively? NT$4,500
10/23/2014 Sales and procurement negotiation skills and strategy : how to control a winning advantage , win before the negotiations begin NT$4,500
10/21/2014 Performance interviews and conflict management skills NT$4,500
10/16/2014 The necessary practical legal skills for the administration supervisors who posting in China. NT$4,500
10/14/2014 International Letter of Credit and application for negotiation of drafts NT$4,500
10/9/2014 The examples of labor contract and planning practice NT$4,500
10/8/2014 High-performance team building and encouragement NT$4,500
10/7/2014 How does the enterprise perspectives the business contract trap? NT$4,500
10/2/2014 The design and introduction of Profit Center and KPI System NT$4,500
9/25/2014 The practice of import and export customs clearance NT$5,000
9/24/2014 Precise mastering management data NT$4,500
9/23/2014 The basic business contract key points and the rights, benefits protection of enterprises NT$4,500
9/18/2014 The enterprise finance procedure reformation-enhancing the money effect NT$4,500
9/11/2014 Commonly 50 difficulties of personnel management and handling practices NT$4,500
9/10/2014 Touching service NT$4,500
9/5/2014 The enterprise outsourcing strategy and procurement lead time management NT$4,500
9/4/2014 Taiwanese businessmen audit Mainland Factory techniques revealing. NT$4,500
9/3/2014 English presentation skills NT$5,000
8/29/2014 Five practices of the outstanding finance and accounting supervisors. NT$5,000
8/28/2014 The annual planning and budgeting application NT$4,500
8/26/2014 Essentials of project management and time-shortening techniques NT$5,000
8/21/2014 The necessary legal knowledge and responsibility for accountants NT$4,500
8/20/2014 Purchasing cost reduction and value added tips NT$4,500
8/14/2014 Improving internal control and audit to raise the operating performance. NT$4,500
8/12/2014 Multinational company(globalization) HR human resource management NT$4,500
8/8/2014 Customer relationship management NT$4,500
8/7/2014 Marketing strategy tool - payment terms and the choice and application of Incoterms NT$4,500
8/5/2014 Brand strategy and establishment NT$4,500
7/31/2014 Product planning skills with innovative design techniques NT$5,000
7/29/2014 Enterprise risk management and prevention NT$5,000
7/24/2014 Traps in Letter of Credit transactions and risk aversion NT$4,500
7/23/2014 Supplier development, selection and relationship management NT$4,500
7/16/2014 Internet marketing strategy and planning NT$4,500
7/15/2014 The necessary legal knowledge and responsibilities for sales people NT$4,500
7/10/2014 The competency performance and on job training NT$4,500
7/9/2014 The dynamic value of the financial statement and the top ten applied skills NT$4,500
7/8/2014 Salary structure adjustments and related tax laws handling. NT$4,500
7/3/2014 The integration of financial and management reports to create performance under the changes of international situations. NT$4,500
6/25/2014 Logical thinking to solve problems NT$5,000
6/24/2014 Taiwanese businessmen working process should be aware of the tax practice NT$4,500
6/19/2014 Know the data NT$4,500
6/17/2014 Write and manage procurement contracts NT$4,500
6/12/2014 Presentation Skills NT$4,500
6/11/2014 Proposed work rules and filing practices NT$4,500
6/6/2014 Non- credit analysis and risk management transactions NT$4,500
5/22/2014 Super performance of Marketing NT$5,000
5/20/2014 Enhance all-round customer satisfaction NT$4,500
5/16/2014 OBU practical operation with foreign companies Beginner NT$4,500
5/15/2014 Companies signed contracts with creditors to ensure that skills NT$4,500
5/13/2014 Cost analysis of management and control practices NT$4,500
5/8/2014 Taiwan's mainland factory how management monitors the operation of customs practices NT$4,500
5/7/2014 Human resources to develop the management skills and regulatory approaches operating practices NT$4,500
4/24/2014 Practical issues new continent business unit operations management NT$4,500
4/17/2014 Procurement Performance Analysis and Strategic Management Practices NT$4,500
4/10/2014 Subordinates complaints handling skills NT$4,500
4/8/2014 Entered into a contract with the English skills Traders NT$5,000
4/3/2014 KPI -oriented strategy and budget management NT$5,000
4/2/2014 How self-diagnosis and proposed business improvement measures NT$4,500
4/1/2014 Deal with all kinds of employee leaves and regulations formulated NT$4,500
3/25/2014 Customer demand for exploration and excavation techniques questions NT$5,000
3/20/2014 Supplemental health insurance premiums and the second generation of actuarial practice squad execution NT$4,500
3/18/2014 The use of letters of credit and guarantees of international conventions letter of guarantee (ISP98) Terms practice NT$5,000
3/13/2014 Financial Decision Analysis and Case Walkthrough NT$4,500
3/12/2014 Crisis Management NT$5,000
3/6/2014 Taiwanese businessmen pitfalls often encountered in accounting practices and coping skills NT$4,500
3/4/2014 Notes Tips and ticketed debt collection practices NT$4,500
2/25/2014 Sensitivity Training Services NT$4,500
2/21/2014 Motivation and morale of the team communication NT$5,000
2/20/2014 Procurement staff with E-mail Letter writing essentials NT$4,500
2/14/2014 Beginner practical operation of the triangular trade NT$4,500
2/13/2014 New Taiwanese businessmen labor and personnel management practices NT$4,500
2/12/2014 Working hours, transform working hours and overtime disputes deformation prevention and treatment practices NT$4,500
2/11/2014 Train non- financial executives how to read financial statements NT$4,500
1/22/2014 Legitimate salary structure designed to save labor costs and the tax treatment practice NT$4,500
1/21/2014 How Traders 'quote' and their skills NT$5,000
1/16/2014 Coaching leadership skills upgrading training NT$4,500
1/15/2014 Excel in accounting treatment and financial report prepared practice NT$5,000
1/14/2014 Sales personnel necessary legal knowledge and responsibilities NT$4,500
1/9/2014 Project pricing and cost analysis techniques NT$5,000
1/7/2014 How to make management decisions utilizing financial statements NT$4,500
12/26/2013 Supplier performance management analysis and procurement NT$5,000
12/17/2013 Three Tips for SMEs Accounting Made Easy NT$4,500
12/12/2013 Content and business tax reform VAT mainland enterprises cope methods NT$4,500
12/10/2013 Problem analysis and solving NT$4,500
12/5/2013 Personnel management and handling practices common fifty difficulties NT$4,500
12/3/2013 Diagnostic techniques to reduce the use of consultants Credit Risk NT$4,500
11/21/2013 Financial officers legal knowledge and legal responsibility NT$4,500
11/19/2013 Payroll tax treatment of structural adjustment and related practices NT$4,500
11/13/2013 KPI - business objectives and budget management plan NT$5,000
11/12/2013 Letter of credit guarantee letters of application and international conventions (ISP 98) Terms resolution NT$4,500
11/8/2013 Effective debt collection China: collection, collection litigation and arbitration skills NT$2,250
11/8/2013 Debt collection salespeople practical skills NT$2,250
11/6/2013 Profit center with KPI system design and import practices NT$5,000
11/5/2013 Storytelling Sales - creating persuasive sales miracle NT$5,000
11/1/2013 China domestic tax capital planning and countermeasures NT$2,250
10/23/2013 Insured unit, insured and labor saving NHI premiums Planning Practice NT$4,500
10/22/2013 Trade dispute analysis and prevention NT$4,500
10/17/2013 Practical project management practices and techniques NT$5,000
10/15/2013 Annual planning and budgeting practices NT$4,500
10/8/2013 Outsourcing strategy and delivery management NT$5,000
10/3/2013 Taiwanese businessmen customs work planning and execution practices NT$4,500
10/2/2013 Business investment case assessment and data manipulation skills NT$4,500
9/26/2013 Labor contract content examples and planning practices NT$4,500
9/24/2013 Practical operation of non-credit trading and risk aversion NT$5,000
9/17/2013 KPI - Human Resources and Performance Management System NT$5,000
9/12/2013 Storytelling Marketing - create marketing miracle moving and convincing NT$5,000
9/10/2013 Taiwanese investment patterns common analytical and regulatory risk management NT$2,250
9/6/2013 Budget preparation and effective execution practices NT$5,000
9/4/2013 Sales force signing, performance considerations and default handling skills NT$4,500
8/22/2013 How to strengthen the accounting people into business value NT$4,500
8/20/2013 How to effectively recover the mainland Receivables NT$4,500
8/15/2013 International Symposium on Supply Chain NT$3,500
8/15/2013 Capital structure and return on investment capital expenditure assessment NT$4,500
8/14/2013 The pitfalls of credit transactions and risk aversion NT$4,500
8/13/2013 High persuasive business presentations combat exercise NT$4,500
8/7/2013 Customer credit and accounts receivable management and NT$4,500
8/1/2013 Procurement negotiation skills introduction and practices NT$5,000
7/25/2013 Enterprises how to react to Personal Information Protection Act and case study NT$4,500
7/24/2013 Manage new product development techniques and skills NT$5,000
7/17/2013 Leadership, utilize your stories force - charismatic leadership, and created extraordinary performance NT$5,000
7/16/2013 Trading conditions Incoterms (Incoterms2010) of explanation NT$4,500
7/9/2013 KPI - competitive business intelligence management system NT$4,500
7/4/2013 RMB key trade use and operations in Taiwan NT$2,250
7/2/2013 Maintaining and increasing cash flow approach NT$5,000
6/25/2013 (Hsinchu)Business sales skills of bargaining negotiation tactics NT$5,000
6/19/2013 The lease disputes prevention. dealing with legal practice NT$4,500
6/18/2013 Management accounting system design and reports NT$4,500
6/14/2013 Cost center construction. Execution. Detect obstacles. Exclude and skills NT$4,500
6/11/2013 HR management regulations formulated Practice NT$4,500
6/7/2013 (Tainan)Communication and coordination and Conflict Management Studies NT$4,500
6/4/2013 The stationed the continental treasurer should have practical legal skills NT$4,500
5/22/2013 Customer Relationship Management NT$4,500
5/21/2013 (Taichung)Team building and operational skills NT$5,000
5/15/2013 (Hsinchu)The dynamic value of the financial statements and the top ten skills NT$4,500
5/14/2013 Financial process management with a variety of measures designed (FPM) NT$4,500
5/9/2013 Import trade documents creation and audit NT$5,000
5/7/2013 Customer service management NT$4,500
5/3/2013 The Knowledge of tax laws and regulations in China After ECFA NT$4,500
4/25/2013 Enterprise Credit Management Certification Advanced classes NT$5,000
4/24/2013 Legal Series Class:How to See Through Traps of Contracts and Cases Study NT$4,500
4/19/2013 (Tainan)The use and management of working capital NT$4,500
4/18/2013 (Hsinchu)R & D cost reduction techniques and cost management techniques NT$5,000
4/16/2013 Employee leave management and guideline NT$4,500
4/10/2013 Investment project preparation and assessment practices NT$4,500
4/9/2013 The mainland plant relocation guides NT$2,250
3/26/2013 Work rules formulated Practice NT$4,500
3/21/2013 (Hsinchu)Leadership and management and motivation skills NT$5,000
3/19/2013 (Taichung)Procurement of internal control and reduce the cost of procurement practices NT$4,500
3/15/2013 Internal control and auditing skills Practice - Consumer Business NT$4,500
3/14/2013 Taiwan doing business in mainland labor, climb legitimate employs and reduce cost NT$4,500
3/12/2013 International exchange and trade flow entry level class NT$4,500
3/6/2013 Performance-oriented recruitment interviewing skills NT$4,500
3/5/2013 Leadership and management - situational learning (b) NT$5,000
2/22/2013 Advanced classes of non-financial executives: Read the statement of cash flows and earnings to integrate and use NT$4,500
2/20/2013 Taiwan doing business in mainland China signed a contract, credit control and debt protection practices NT$4,500
2/7/2013 Leadership and management - situational learning (a) NT$5,000
2/5/2013 How to handle checking traps & avoid transactional risks NT$4,500
2/1/2013 New product launch marketing strategies and techniques NT$5,000
1/24/2013 How do Taiwanes Managers/ Executives monitor for effective tax reporting NT$4,500
1/22/2013 Enterprise Credit Management Certification Advanced classes NT$5,000
1/17/2013 Trading Terms & Conditions?of Incoterms ?010 NT$5,000
1/152013 How To Fabricate Cash Flow Chart? NT$4,500
1/11/2013 Phone sales skill development NT$4,500
1/10/2013 Second generation of National Health Insurance Practice analytical and strategies NT$4,500
1/4/2013 Self-management and stress adaptation experience Camp NT$4,500