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D&B Risk Assessment Manager (RAM)

A powerful, flexible tool to help you manage business risk -- your way

D&B Risk Assessment Manager (RAM) is a software package that gives you a complete view of your customer base from your own PC system. With RAM you can set up electronic files on customers with instant access to credit analysis, payment and financial information you have collected and information obtained directly from the D&B database or other sources. You can create the appropriate credit and collection policies for each account and still see that your system is centrally managed, and your rules consistently applied. You can use RAM to:

  • Respond more quickly to customer inquiries
  • Manage work flow more efficiently
  • Communicate critical information to management
  • Prioritize accounts to review and implement collection activities

Automated Credit Decisions

Streamline the application and credit review process by transferring all the information in your files to one software system that will allow you to most efficiently manage your entire portfolio. With RAM, you'll have everything you need to manage your business decisions with greater ease and efficiency, all in one place.

Customized Scoring Models

With RAM, you'll be able to easily create your own scoring models. With the RAM Scoring model, it's simple and fast for you to create a scorecard or multiple scorecards to evaluate risk across your entire portfolio. RAM allows you to choose the elements you feel will best help you evaluate your customers (i.e., years in business, employee size, payment, etc.). Next, D&B experts will work with you to assign the appropriate weights to total 100. Now, you've built a scorecard to evaluate your customer according to your credit policy and what you have learned about your business. You can build and use these scorecards for various segments of your account portfolio. It's that customized and it's that easy.

Portfolio Analysis

With RAM, it's easy to slice and dice your account portfolio any way you choose. You can segment your portfolio into classification of risk or opportunity, monitor changes in portfolio risk, and perform analysis using various performance variables. You can produce management reports that will graphically display the data you've chosen. With RAM, you'll find there is no limit to the way you can now view your account portfolio and all the flexibility is right there at your fingertips.

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