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DunTrade Free Data Exchange Program

DunTrade Free Data Exchange Program

Welcome to DunTrade

A Powerful automated trade reporting program which enables companies to improve cash flow and expand business activity by sharing customers' payment information with each other.

The Alert/Monitoring system from D&B.

If you want to track the performance of your customers, suppliers or competitors without tying up valuable resources, D&B Alert/Monitoring can help you protect your business. Duntrade participants can subscribe to the Alert/Monitoring system, which allows specific companies to be selected for monitoring. Every day the extensive D&B Duntrade database is monitored for changes to the records of the monitored companies. If changes have taken place an email is sent informing of the changes. Contact your local D&B office (DunTrade Department) for more information.

No paperwork. No phone calls.

Improve your collections and productivity while supporting the quality of information available to help business decision-makers to reduce credit risk.

DunTrade participants in Hong Kong, Malaysia, China, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines, receive free access to the D&B's Online Payment Information website. If you are not a participant please contact your local D&B office (DunTrade Department) for more information.

Help the Business Community and Help Yourself

By submitting trade experiences to D&B, you may see an improvement in your own collections. When your invoices state that all payment histories are automatically reported to D&B, your "slow pays" may respond faster while your better-paying customers will appreciate knowing their good credit records will be on file.

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